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Poll Finds Ag Lenders Helping Producers Restructure Debt As Commodity Prices Remain Top Challenge

A new poll of senior leaders from Midwest Farm Credit lenders shows commodity prices as the greatest challenge facing their customers. Farm Credit lenders are responding to this by providing services to restructure the financial situations of their customers. In addition, in a new AgriThought report, Jerry Lehnertz, senior vice president of Credit at AgriBank, examines the challenging farm economy and how lenders are helping farmers navigate it.

The Logic Behind A Resilient Business

Emotions can hinder any business decisions in both the prosperous and challenging times. While those hasty decisions may not break an operation in the good times, farmers must interject logic through proactive planning and objective assessment to ensure their business remains sustainable and profitable as the economic reset continues.​

2016 Annual Report Now Available

2016 proved to be a year of unmistakable change for members of the farming industry as the ag economy downturn took root. Yet, your financial cooperative remains strong and prepared for what’s next. Our strategic focus remained centered on credit quality, stable earnings, and growth.​

T.I.P. Technology Information Protection: Securing Mobile Devices

A lot of personal information is stored on mobile devices. If an unsecured cell phone, laptop, or tablet is stolen or misplaced, hackers can easily steal your identity or use your information to perform illegal activities. Following simple T.I.P. procedures when using a mobile device makes it more difficult for your information to be discovered and better protects you from the expensive and challenging process of recovering from identity theft.​

Land Value Benchmark Study Reveals Decline

Farm Credit Illinois recently released the results of the 2016 annual benchmark farmland value study. Overall, the study revealed an average 6.34 percent decline in land values throughout the cooperative’s 60-county territory in central and southern Illinois.​

STAYING POWER: Is Volatility Friend Or Foe?

Is volatility in farming a friend or a foe? And how is today different from the 80s? FCI’s Steve Witges offers his insight and expertise on these questions in this issue of Staying Power.

Does crop insurance cover Diplodia?

Throughout parts of Illinois, Diplodia Ear Rot has reared its ugly head. There are many contributing factors that can cause Diplodia, but at the end of the day it can hurt your bottom line when you factor in the effects.  Diplodia is not a toxin that is covered with Multi-Peril Crop Insurance.  However, the results of Diplodia – low test weight and kernel damage – are covered to some extent.

Expectations for Fed Policy in 2017 & Beyond

The recent vote to increase interest rates was met with stride by the market, but what does this decision say about the state of the U.S. economy and federal debt levels? How much more are rates currently expected to climb in the next few years?​

INTERESTing TIMES: How the Fed Rate Impacts Farmland & Export Prices

Following the increase in the Fed Funds Rate at the FOMC meeting in March, the committee predicts at least two more .25% rate hikes before the end of the year. Higher interest rates traditionally have several domino effects, many of which impact the agriculture industry - from land to export to interest prices.​

Farm Credit Names 2017 Agriculture Scholars

The recipients of nearly $50,000 of scholarships to high school seniors throughout central and southern Illinois pursuing agriculture-related majors and future careers were announced last week by Farm Credit Illinois. FCI awarded 24 high school seniors a $2,000 agriculture scholarship; two are designated as Urban Agriculture Scholars.​